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KRUSH Introduction

KRUSH is proud to be a vertically integrated Hemp company. We own and operate every aspect of our business, allowing us to perform at industry-leading standards, manage inventory with extreme efficiency, and provide premium hemp & CBD products at the most competitive prices.


We are committed to full transparency and welcome our partners to visit our farms and facilities. When you purchase our hemp and CBD products, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting the most effective and highest quality products available.


We offer wholesale Hemp solutions to growers and B2B clients across the country. Krush thrives by spreading the word about the beneficial properties of hemp; and holistic alternatives for increasing vitality.


The hemp industry is experiencing record-setting growth in the US. Here at Krush, we successfully set ourselves apart from our competitors; by offering unique, high-quality organic products and unmatched personalized customer care.


Our team believes in making impactful connections, establishing trust, and creating partnerships that are mutually beneficial and profitable. With this approach, we can stand behind what we sell and avoid costly mistakes and delays.


If your company needs assistance, feel free to contact me; to experience the Krush difference. I am happy to assist start-ups, resellers, and others seeking to enhance their consumer experience. We offer drop-shipping, private labels, and wholesale partnerships with minimal costs and commitment.


Krush partnerships are straight-forward, easy to understand, and efficient so that you may hit the ground running.


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