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Box Themes

The perfect paradise for any herb enthusiast.


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Indulge a bit. Enjoy the moments that bring us peace, joy and a sense of accomplishment.  We’re proud to create gift boxes which not only look beautiful but are also high quality and carefully made. All cosmetics and skin care products are paraben and animal cruelty free. We are excited offer products that add to your mental well being as well as beauty tools as well.


KRUSH is a huge supporter of independent makers and brands who care about their environmental impact and create products that will become your forever favorites.  Looking for something truly extravagant? Our specialists will work collaboratively with you on the design journey, through our four key stages – discovery, design, development, and delivery.   Contact us for additional info.


Mystic Journey           Core Elevation  












Chief Intermission      Munchables



This a great selection for beginners, starting to explore the benefits of CBD, and those who are more

seasoned users.  


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A delicious and nutritious snack assortment inside animated cartoon lunch boxes.


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A perfect option for those looking to explore CBD.  We include five relaxation and /or Hemp CBD related products inside.


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